Last Updated 21/11/2014
Diving With Malcolm
Dive buddy3 Taba May 08
This picture of my dive buddy, Huw Watson, appeared in Regaldive’s December 2008 monthly e-newsletter and also in the Client Gallery of Regaldive’s "21st Birthday Edition" March 2009 Newsletter.

It was taken in barely 2 metres depth in the shallows of The Canyon dive site by the shore near The Taba Hilton, Taba, Egypt on 10th May 2008.

I used my Nikon D200 digital SLR with a 10-17mm Tokina lens at 10mm focal length on manual setting with two Inon Z-240 strobes on low manual settings. ISO 140, shutter speed 1/125th, aperture F11, Exposure Compensation +0.3 step.