Diving With Malcolm

Malcolm in Action!

Carabbean Reef Shark, Nassau, May 2016.

Video by Mick Todd.

Saltwater Crocs Sharks and Tarpons, Jardines de la Reina Cuba, May 2016.

Video by Gabriel Peñagarícano Senior and Eyal Keltsh.

Great Hammerhead and Bull sharks. Bimini, February 2015.

Video by Ondrej Klos.

Photographing Bull Shark, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, February 2015.

Video by Phantom Divers

Blue sharks plus a seal. The Agulhas Current, South Africa, June 2015.

Video by Mick Todd.

Great White shark. Neptune Islands South Australia, January 2011.

Video by ginclearfilm.

Blue sharks plus a seal. Great Barrier Reef Australia, April 2005.

Video by mikeball.com.

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