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To navigate to photographs and reports of any of my dives, simply click on a location on the world map or the dive log tab and then use the text menus. Some of my reports are intended to be informative, some just reflect the fun I have had. If you want to, you can enlarge any of my photographs by clicking on “click to enlarge.”


If you wish to see photographs of specific marine life, use my Marine Gallery search facility to locate these photographs. 

All the marine life has been identified using Common Names rather than Scientific Names. Some marine life may be known by several Common Names and the name I have identified the subject with may be different from the name that you would choose yourself. Or some names may be spelt differently. Or...well I will not list all the possibilities, but suffice to say that if you cannot find the subject you are looking for, try widening your search enquiry to produce a satisfactory result.


To view my favourite photographs just click on the Favourites tab and select a photograph to view. On selecting the photograph you will be taken to its  enlarged version which includes technical details regarding settings and equipment used.

last updated 19/06/2024